Hand-Crafted Marketing System Bundle

Hand-Crafted Marketing System Bundle

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Want to build a marketing funnel proven to convert at every single stage without losing the humanity and heart your business stands for?



If you feel …


  • Burdened by how long your marketing takes you and are ready to set up systems to scale
  • Tired of endlessly creating but terrified of stopping because you don’t want your client pipeline to dry up
  • Like you need a solution that doesn’t just solve one piece of the puzzle but the whole picture


Then the Hand-Crafted Marketing System Bundle is for you.


Inside is my complete Conversion with Compassion system -- designed to use human-driven communication for higher conversions with heart.


You can snag my exact strategies, swipe files, and templates plus video trainings on how to use them to attract, nurture, and convert clients you love without burning out.


With these strategies and systems in place -- you can easily be on your way to your first or next 6 figure year. They’re the exact frameworks my clients pay $10k for me to implement.


And they’re all here with examples, hacks, and trainings for you to make your own and make bank. They include:


Client Attracting Content -- the bundle designed to help you become the go-to expert in your industry with more ease than ever before

This bundle includes:


 An in-depth video trainings on my Content Funnel framework that will have people funnel jumping from social to sold

 Easy prompts to help you find your stand out message and generate hundreds of content ideas that establish you as an expert in very little time

 Formulas and templates to write engaging content that converts

 My ultra organized spreadsheet system + swipe social schedule to batch create and stay organized so you never have to be without a post again


Make Bank with Email Marketing -- the bundle created to turn your list into a conversion machine


This bundle includes:


 My personal opt-in page template to increase email list sign-ups (we’re talking 60%+ conversion rate format)

 Swipe files of the 3 email sequences to keep your calendar full and your payment notifications chiming

 My top secret strategy for making every person on my email list feel like I’m talking just to them

 Bonus tips and writing prompts for your best newsletters yet

 Video trainings to easily be able to make the sequences and strategies your own for more success with less stress


Launch It + Profit -- the bundle based on 5 figure launches to design your own lucrative and low stress product or service launch


This bundle includes:


  My signature launch planner to map out every single piece of your launch in just a couple of hours

  Video trainings with my personal hacks for priming your audience, positioning your product, and getting more sales

  Swipe files of the 4 most important launch emails you need to send to convert more customers

  My personal opt-in page template to increase email list sign-ups (we’re talking 60%+ conversion rate format)

  A plug-and-play sales page template to write a compelling sales page that will have more people hitting the buy button


Buy it now to start building your own marketing funnel that leverage Conversion with Compassion™ to have more leads, sales, and profit in your business.